Student Testimonials


My degree helped me take a different view of my work, to be able to think abstractly about a variety of different areas to come to a solution. Like other degrees, it prepared me for further studies, but unlike other degrees I was able to choose my areas of focus and combine a diverse range of units. I really enjoyed my time as an undergraduate student.

Kristin West, IntSci Graduate Submitted July 2013

IS gave me flexibility to apply for jobs I would have otherwise been unqualified for. Also, a lot of employers don't know much about the program so it is a good conversation starter in interviews.

Canice Ma, IntSci Graduate Submitted July 2013

My IS highlight was a field course in Tofino where you had to design a grant with three other integrated science students — a really unique approach for teaching team work in the sciences.

Timal Kannangara, IntSci Graduate Submitted July 2013

The greatest value in Integrated Sciences is its flexibility which allows students to select courses that will benefit them the most in terms of future career opportunities. This flexibility is great for students looking to go into professional schools—such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and physiotherapy. However, if a student was keen on pursuing a graduate degree in a specific discipline it might be more worthwhile to select a more traditional major.

Anonymous, IntSci Graduate Submitted May 2009

My experience with the program was excellent. I can't think of any suggestions for improvement aside from continually striving to ensure that as wide a variety of study areas as possible are permitted in the program. This will allow for far-reaching creativity on the part of the student in developing a program that best suits their career goals.

Anonymous, IntSci Graduate Submitted May 2009

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Students in Integrated Sciences have formed their own student association, the Integrated Sciences Students Association (ISSA). Please contact ISSA to get further information about IntSci from students who are already in the program, and for current activities of ISSA.

Students in Integrated Sciences have also formed their own Integrated Sciences Student Mentorship program. Students can get feedback on the program from other students as well as assistance with working on the IntSci application. ISSM meets roughly once a week in the Winter terms. Please contact ISSM for more information.