Sample Integrated Sciences Themes

The following are some examples of themes students have focused on in the past:

  • Exploring the physiological and psychological processes of the brain to see how external influences such as drugs affect its function
  • Finding ways to provide accessible clean drinking water to a mass amount of people in a developing nation
  • Studying the distribution and interactions of the world's marine flora and fauna and their impact on global climate change
  • The study of medicine and public health as a means to serve health issues pertinent to disadvantaged individuals
  • Behavioural factors that play an influential role in affecting physiological pathways within the immune system
  • The study of how certain environmental pollutants in the atmosphere and oceans affect the health of humans
  • Using advanced mathematical models to analyze gene functions and model human genetic diseases
  • The study of trauma and its impact on the body
  • How psychological traits affect neurobiological function
  • The study of chemicals within plants and their effects on biochemical and physiological processes
  • How waterborne diseases originate in the environment and their implications on children’s health
  • Viral genetics - Finding a vaccine for HIV
  • The effects of music on typical and atypical brain development