Integrated Sciences News

Time: March 30th, 6-8 pm Location: Henry Angus 037 RSVP Form:  The "Meet Your Alumni" event, hosted collaboratively by ISSA and CMSSA aims to create a platform for current science students to connect with previous alumni, providing them with an opportunity to learn about the diverse paths alumni have taken post-graduation.

Science 101 will be taking place again in the Summer of 2023 and they are seeking volunteers to assist with the program. Volunteers are an important part of Science 101 and are given a variety of responsibilities both inside and outside the classroom.

During reading break, our students embarked on a remarkable journey to the Big Island of Hawaii. With sustainability at the core of the curriculum, students examined the island's features from a systems perspective, synthesising different dimensions like social and economic factors to gain a more holistic understanding. Click here to hear more about the recent course.

UBC Humanities for Healthcare is hosting a Narrative Medicine Case Competition on April 1st and 2nd at the UBC AMS Nest to explore collaborative approaches to healthcare.