ISCI Courses

To graduate, IntSci students must complete at least 7 'ISCI core' course credits. IntSci currently offers the following ISCI core courses. Follow the links below to find outlines and other information for each of these courses. ISCI courses are open to all students in the Faculty of Science and count towards the upper-level science credit requirement.

Course Title ISCI core course Offered
ISCI 300 Interdisciplinary Seminar 2017W
ISCI 311 The Size of Things 2017W T2
ISCI 320 Research Development Retreat 2017W T2
ISCI 330A Topics in Integrated Sciences: Symmetry 2017W T1
ISCI 344 Theory and Practice of Games in Economics and Evolution 2018W T1 (only even winter sessions: 2018W, 2020W, ...)
ISCI 350 Darwinian Medicine 2017W T2
ISCI 360 Systems Approaches to Regional Sustainability 2017W T2
ISCI 361 Hawaii Field Course: Systems Approaches to Regional Sustainability 2018W T2
ISCI 361 Iceland Field Course: Systems Approaches to Regional Sustainability 2018S T1
ISCI 422 Models in Science 2017W T1 (only odd winter sessions: 2017W, 2019W, ...)
ISCI 433 Ethical Issues in Science 2017W T1
ISCI 448 Directed Studies 2018S, 2017W T1 and T2 and both terms
ISCI 490 Student Directed Seminars 2017W T2