Promotion Requirements

Promotion to 3rd year

The Faculty of Science is responsible for promoting students. Visit their Promotion Requirements page for details on how they determine promotions.

To be promoted to 3rd year you must have:

  • An approved IntSci contract.
  • 12 credits at the 200-level or above in at least two areas of Science (areas of science are: Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Computational Sciences), to support upper-level studies in their specialization.
  • Completed 48 or more credits
    • At least 30 of the 48 credits must be science credits.
    • At least 15 of these 30 science credits must be part of the lower-level requirements.
    • You must achieve at least a 60% average in 3/5 of the remaining 15 science credits.


Promotion to 4th Year

To be promoted to 4th year you must have:

  • Completed at least 72 credits
    • Of these 50 or more are science credits and include all of the lower-level requirements.
    • The communications requirement must be complete.
    • At least all but one of the courses required to satisfy the Science Breadth Requirement.
  • Majors students will need to have completed 16 credits specified in the program (ISCI + discipline courses). Honours students will need to have completed 20 credits specified in the program.

Faculty Graduation Check

Fill out this Qualitrics survey to see if you meet the faculty requirements for graduation. Degree Navigator should NOT be used.

Graduating with Distinction

As stated in the UBC Calendar graduating students may earn a degree “with distinction” by achieving “an average of at least 85.0% on 30 credits of Science courses numbered 300 or above designated as part of the program by the department and approved by the Dean.”

For Integrated Sciences, ISCI core and Science discipline courses are eligible. Discipline courses outside of Science are not eligible nor are non-discipline science courses. For Honours students, the Honours thesis course is also counted. The distinction average is computed from the 30 highest-graded credits among eligible courses.