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Progressing through the IS program is a two-step process. You apply to the specialization via the UBC Science coordinated second-year application, and complete a separate IS Degree Proposal after admission to be promoted to third year.

  1. Apply through the Faculty of Science 2nd year application.
  2. Start working on your IS Degree Proposal. The proposal must be approved in order to be promoted to 3rd year.

Students transfering to Integrated Sciences from other specializations:

Deadline for transfer students: Integrated Sciences will not assess proposals received after May 10th 2019 from students transferring from other specializations. If space permits we will access transfer proposals again at the end of 2019W term 1. Transfer students should stay close to current 2nd year deadlines to ensure their proposals are approved in time.

Students transferring into Integrated Sciences from other specializations may apply to Integrated Sciences on a case-by-case basis. These students must first gain permission to start the proposal from either the Program Manager or Program Director. Please e-mail  to request an appointment (please also include your rationale for switching into Integrated Sciences).

With approval from the Program Manager, transfer students may apply to Integrated Sciences by submitting a Degree Proposal. Your specialization will not be changed until your Integrated Sciences degree proposal is approved. Please note, deadlines will come into effect as of November of your 2nd year: Once you start a Degree Proposal you'll have 2 months to find a mentor and then 3 months to have your proposal approved. If these deadlines are not met, your account will expire and a space will open for another prospective student.

Degree Proposal Deadlines

Friday, January 8, 2019: All Integrated Sciences students must have a mentor by this date. The mentor must sign on to your degree proposal to indicate that he or she is your mentor.

Friday, February 8, 2019: All Integrated Sciences students must have completed and submitted their Degree Proposal to their mentor for approval by this date. 

Friday, March 8, 2019: All Integrated Sciences students must have submitted their Degree Proposal for approval by this date.

To be promoted to third year your Degree Proposal must be approved.