Faculty Mentors

The following is a list of UBC faculty members who can serve as mentors for IntSci students. Each IntSci student must have a faculty mentor (as explained in the Degree Proposal Guidelines), who helps the student in planning and rationalizing her/his IntSci curriculum. If there are no available mentors that match your area of interest we encourage you to contact any other faculty member at UBC. You should choose a faculty member who you have already been in contact with (for example, through a course or through working in a lab). Please have your mentor confirm that he or she has agreed to be your mentor by sending an email to: intsci@science.ubc.ca. More information for prospective faculty mentors can be found here: Prospective Mentors.

Photo Name Research Area Email Phone Interview
James Charbonneau Physics james@phas.ubc.ca
Michael Hasinoff Particle & Nuclear Physics hasinoff@physics.ubc.ca 604-822-2360
Bob Shadwick Comparative Physiology shadwick@zoology.ubc.ca 604-827-3149
Lee Groat Mineralogy, Geology groat@mail.ubc.ca Mentor Spotlight
Santokh Singh Plant physiology and cell biology santokh@mail.ubc.ca 604-822-3330
Jason Read Biochemistry jaread@interchange.ubc.ca 604-822-7582
Pamela Kalas Biology kalas@zoology.ubc.ca 604-822-3346
Steven Wolfman Computer Science, Educational Technology wolf@cs.ubc.ca 604-822-0407
Brett Eaton Geography, Geomorphology, Environmental Science brett.eaton@ubc.ca 604-822-2257
Pierre Kennepohl Chemistry pierre@chem.ubc.ca 604-822-3817
Carl Michal Biophysics and Biological Materials michal@phas.ubc.ca 604-822-2432
Kathryn Zeiler Biochemistry and Molecular Biology zeiler@zoology.ubc.ca 604-822-3348
Celeste Leander Marine Biology cleander@mail.ubc.ca 604-827-5608
Rik Blok Statistical physics, theoretical population dynamics rik.blok@ubc.ca Mentor Spotlight
Cathy Rankin Behavioural Neuroscience crankin@psych.ubc.ca 604-822-5449
Gail Hammond Nutrition gail.hammond@ubc.ca
Timothy Murphy Neuroscience tim.murphy@ubc.ca 604-822-0705
Mark MacLean Geometry and Analysis maclean@math.ubc.ca 604-827-3038
Jaymie Matthews Astronomy & Astrophysics matthews@astro.ubc.ca 604-822-2696 UBC news spotlight
Patrick Martone Biomechanics, evolution, and functional morphology of marine macroalgae pmartone@mail.ubc.ca 604-822-9338
Rick Taylor Biodiversity, Molecular Ecology, Evolution, Conservation etaylor@zoology.ubc.ca 604-822-9152