Faculty Mentors

Each Integrated Sciences student must have a faculty mentor (as explained in the Degree Proposal Guidelines), who helps the student in planning and rationalizing her/his IntSci curriculum. There are approximately 150 faculty members mentoring Integrated Sciences students. Many of these faculty mentors are not listed on our website. Students are encouraged to search the UBC community for faculty members specializing in their area of interest.

If there are no available faculty members at UBC that match your area of interest, you could consider a faculty member who you have already been in contact with but may not specialize in your area of interest (for example, through a course or through working in a lab). Please have your mentor confirm that he or she has agreed to be your mentor by sending an email to: intsci@science.ubc.ca. More information for prospective faculty mentors can be found here: Prospective Mentors.

The following is a sample list of a few UBC faculty members who can serve as mentors for IntSci students.

Photo Name Research Area Email Interview
Lee Groat Mineralogy, Geology groat@mail.ubc.ca Mentor Spotlight
Bob Shadwick Comparative Physiology shadwick@zoology.ubc.ca
Celeste Leander Marine Biology cleander@mail.ubc.ca
Carl Michal Biophysics and Biological Materials michal@phas.ubc.ca
Steven Wolfman Computer Science, Educational Technology wolf@cs.ubc.ca
Michael Hasinoff Particle & Nuclear Physics hasinoff@physics.ubc.ca
Santokh Singh Plant physiology and cell biology santokh@mail.ubc.ca
Brett Eaton Geography, Geomorphology, Environmental Science brett.eaton@ubc.ca
Cathy Rankin Behavioural Neuroscience crankin@psych.ubc.ca
Mark MacLean Geometry and Analysis maclean@math.ubc.ca
Jaymie Matthews Astronomy & Astrophysics matthews@astro.ubc.ca UBC news spotlight
Patrice Belleville Computer Science patrice@cs.ubc.ca
Rik Blok Statistical physics, theoretical population dynamics rik.blok@ubc.ca Mentor Spotlight
Timothy Murphy Neuroscience tim.murphy@ubc.ca
Gail Hammond Nutrition gail.hammond@ubc.ca
Rick Taylor Biodiversity, Molecular Ecology, Evolution, Conservation etaylor@zoology.ubc.ca
Patrick Martone Biomechanics, evolution, and functional morphology of marine macroalgae pmartone@mail.ubc.ca