Prospective Faculty Mentors


Each Integrated Sciences student creates their own degree proposal consisting of a Vision Statement, Curriculum Rationale, and Course List. The role of the Faculty Mentor is to provide specialized guidance to students related to their area of research. This consists of providing feedback to a student regarding his/her program vision and assessing whether the courses chosen and their rationales are appropriate and related to the overall program goals (as outlined in the vision statement). 

New Faculty Mentors will receive assistance from program administration and are often paired with another Faculty Mentor if requested. In addition you may have fellow faculty within your department mentoring Integrated Sciences students who you can contact with any questions. Please take a look at our Faculty Mentor list: Faculty Mentors

Degree Proposals go through a series of approval stages (all proposals are reviewed by two additional faculty members) so you don't need to be an expert on program requirements. Curriculum requirements can be found here: IntSci Curriculum Requirements and students can visit the IntSci office, LSK464 for any clarification regarding requirements. 

Time commitment: 

Often 2-3 in person meetings with the student while they work on their proposal and some e-mail communication. 

Degree Proposal:

The degree proposal is completed in an online account. We provide faculty mentors with access to the online database. Please send us your CWL username so we can get you set up.

More Information:

Contact us at or by phone 604-362-7454 (Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 4:00 pm)