Teaching Opportunities

Each term Integrated Sciences hires undergraduate TAs to mark assignments and assist with undergraduate ISCI courses. 

Applicants should E-mail their cover letter and resume to:

Mary Anne Lyons lyons@science.ubc.ca


2022 Integrated Sciences Winter Teaching Assistantships

Application deadline: August 8 2022

Date of Posting:          July 25, 2022

ISCI 312-101 T/TR 2-3:30pm  Winter Term 1

Course Description

Symmetry touches all areas of science. In geometry, symmetry is the property by which the sides of a figure or object reflect each other across a line or surface. In biology, symmetry is the orderly repetition of parts of an animal or plant. Symmetry is important to chemistry because it explains observations in spectroscopy, quantum chemistry and crystallography. In physics symmetry is a concept of balance illustrated by such fundamental laws as the third of Newtons laws of motion. In this course we will explore all aspects of symmetry.

6 hours/week

Required qualifications:

  • High level of expertise in a wide variety of science subjects
  • Ability to prepare teaching materials
  • Training or previous experience as a teaching assistant
  • Enrolment in a graduate program at UBC

Period of Employment:

Term 1:      September 1 – December 31, 2022

Approximately 6 hours/week

General nature of the duties: 

Attending lectures, keeping class records; setting, marking and providing feedback on examinations, tests and assignments; holding office hours; invigilating exams; assistance on Canvas; duplicating materials.

Current salary: 

Graduate Teaching Assistant I (Doctoral) or equivalent $35.13/hour
Graduate Teaching Assistant II (Masters) or equivalent $33.80/hour
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA1) $22.77/hour


Application Procedure:

If you are interested and think that you qualify, please submit your resume and cover letter to Mary Anne Lyons (Integrated Sciences): lyons@science.ubc.ca

The deadline for submission is August 8, 2022

Equity and diversity are essential to academic excellence. An open and diverse community fosters the inclusion of voices that have been underrepresented or discouraged. We encourage applications from members of groups that have been marginalized on any grounds enumerated under the B.C. Human Rights Code, including sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, racialization, disability, political belief, religion, marital or family status, age, and/or status as a First Nation, Metis, Inuit, or Indigenous person.