Teaching Opportunities

Integrated Sciences Sessional Lecturer or Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow

Course Title: ISCI 422, Models in Science

Applications are invited for a sessional instructor to help plan and teach, ISCI 422 Models in Science. This multi-disciplinary course focuses on the concept of models in science. What is a model? What is it useful for? How does it help our understanding of science? When is one model better than another? These are the questions we will be addressing by developing our own models and studying others. We will discover features common to all scientific models, regardless of discipline, and learn to construct and use our own models.

The course will be offered during term 1 of the 2017W session (September 1 – December 31 2017 2PM – 4PM on Mondays and Wednesdays).

Integrated Sciences provides a unique opportunity for applicants interested in interdisciplinary teaching. Integrated Sciences students are some of the top performing students in the Faculty of Science and come from a variety of educational backgrounds in science providing for an enhanced teaching/learning experience.

We seek individuals who are able to:

  • Present information at a rigorous level to a student population of diverse interests working in groups;
  • Promote interdisciplinary ways of thinking to allow students to develop new perspectives and apply knowledge and scientific tools in new contexts;
  • Utilize a combination of interactive teaching styles that promote deeper conceptual understanding, reflective thinking, open-ended problem solving, and communications skills; and
  • Incorporate current research topics to achieve an element of inquiry and an awareness of scientific literature, experimental design and socio-cultural relevance necessary to solve problems in any setting.

Applicants should E-mail their cover letter and curriculum vitae by Friday, June 9th (it is recommended that interested candidates let us know of your interest before this deadline) to:

Dr. Lee Groat,
Director, Integrated Sciences

E-Mail: groat@mail.ubc.caintsci@science.ubc.ca