Next steps for new 2nd year students

Congratulations on your admission to Integrated Sciences! Confused about where to start and what courses to take? Below are some guidelines that will hopefully make things clearer.

Next Steps:
1. Register for 2nd year courses (July 7-9, 2015)
2. Start the degree proposal
3. Attend the IntSci Orientation on Imagine Day where we will go over requirements (Sept 8, 2015: LSK 200:12:30pm)
4. Find a mentor (deadline: Jan 18, 2016)
5. Finish proposal
6. Submit proposal for approval (deadline: Mar 18, 2016)
2nd year Course Selection Guidelines:
1. Make sure that you will meet the Faculty of Science lower-level requirements.
2. Make sure you have the pre-requisites for any upper-level courses you plan to take.
3. If your planned integration is related to the Life Sciences: take BIOL 200 and either BIOL 201 or BIOC 202

If you need help with course selection please feel free to drop by the main IntSci office (LSK 464: 8-4). Best to book an appointment to ensure someone will be available (

Congratulations on your admission to Integrated Sciences!