Integrated Sciences Graduating Seminar

ISCI 400 (1) Integrated Sciences Graduating Seminar

Reflection of Integrated Sciences degree experience, development of professional skills, and a showcase of degree integrations to the community.

Pre-requisite: 4th year standing in the Integrated Sciences specialization.

Type of Course: Flexible learning - Mostly online with opportunities to meet and connect in person.

  • Reflect on your ISCI degree progression
  • Promote the skills and unique knowledge attained in your degree
  • Communicate expert knowledge to a general audience
  • Connect with your ISCI cohort

Overview and benefit of the proposed course:

The ISCI 400 seminar provides a platform where students can reflect critically on their interdisciplinary degree proposals, apply them to the real world, and share them with the scientific community. Students will demonstrate how they are synthesizing learning across their disciplines in the form of a presentation (in person or online) or in the form of a poster. The presentation will take place at a weekend symposium at the UBC campus in March 2024.

Course development:

The ISCI 400 course was developed through the UBC Students as Partners initiative: The project involved students, staff, and faculty partnering to develop and pilot the ISCI 400 course from September 2022 to April 2023.The course was approved as a new undergraduate course in May 2023. The course can be used as an alternative to ISCI 300 to meet the 7 credit of ISCI requirement. 

ISCI 400 will be offered for the first time in 2023W term 2. 



2023W T2