ISCI 361 Field Course Iceland

Info about the course and application process:

This three-week, three-credit field course builds on ISCI 360: Systems Approaches to Regional Sustainability. Iceland, as a completely self-contained nation-state “system,” offers a particularly valuable case study. During this program, you will experience Icelandic land, ecosystems and communities first-hand, and hear perspective from locals and local experts on contemporary and historic factors influencing sustainability in the Icelandic system, including topics such as:

  • geological and hydrological systems
  • impacts of glaciation
  • factors influencing local climate
  • the influence of climate, water, and land on terrestrial and marine ecosystems, and the resultant influence on agriculture and local energy systems

Photos from last year:

Participate in a life-changing trip next spring! Go to Iceland in May 2018 for the ISCI 361: Science, Systems and Sustainability. Applications go through the Go Global Website. Don't wait, apply today!